Kinkai Food Drying Machines, and Dehydrators

Kinkai Tech is one of the leading professional food dehydrator manufacturers and suppliers. We provide you with a massive range of commercial and industrial food dehydrators which is ideal for all of your drying requirements. We have years of experience, having production workshops, equipment, and advanced simulation test facilities. Our climate laboratory is one of China’s immense heat pump production. We are an international enterprise targeting the world market and maintaining high value in the overseas market, persistently exporting innovative products to the United States, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, and other developed countries and getting honor for consistent reorganization many years until now.

Kinkai Tech gives you a pleasant opportunity to customize your food dehydrators according to your choice and needs. We help our customers in selecting the appropriate heat pump, food dryer, and dehumidifier to enhance their company’s productivity. We assure you of our sales service by giving technical support on installation, operation, and maintenance. Also, discounts are available for old customers.

Multi-function food drying machines base on strong capabilities of development, experience, and research feature advanced technology of heating and cooling systems that dry foods, vegetables, meat, and other materials quickly than the usual air drying machines. You can easily control the amount of dehydration of your product.

Looking for food dehydrators for sale; it is an energy-saving product that doesn’t pollute the environment, uses less energy, and protects the environment. It quickly preserves vegetables, fruits, herbs and retains their nutritional value with a better taste and look.

Kinkai Fruit, Vegetable, and Meat Dryer Machines

We provide fruit dryer machines with high-quality humanized designs at the lowest price. It comes in a wide range with different sizes and uses that can dry fruits like mango, pineapple, strawberry, red dates, and lychee without removing moisture from fruits and stopping bacteria from spreading and spoiling them.

We provide great varieties of high-quality vegetable dryers built with innovation and top research that dry vegetables such as celery, spinach, sweet potato, and mushroom fast, better, and with a 100% hygienic drying process.

The great varieties of meat dryer machines skillfully combine with the most advanced technology that dry meat, such as beef, chicken, sausage fish, and other seafood, so you can use it for an extended period without retaining its nutrition.

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