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GUANGZHOU KAINENG ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer and independent develop & production “KINKAI” series air source heat pump dryer including heat pump dryer, commercial heat pump dehydrator, swimming pool heat pump, heat pump dehumidifier, heating/cooling house heat pump, water source heat pump, geothermal source heat pump, etc. The factory covers more than 15,000 square meters; there are 220 employees, more than 60 technical research and development personnel. Have first-class production workshop and production equipment, advanced simulation test facilities, climate laboratory is one of the largest production bases of the heat pump in China.

KINKAI brand series heat pump dryer is based on many years of experience and introduced advanced manufacturing technology in heating/cooling system equipment from Europe, United States, and other developed countries. Without pollution, low energy consumption, and environmental protection, it’s one kind of saving energy product.

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Kinkai Tech is one of the leading professional food dehydrator manufacturers and suppliers.

We provide you with a massive range of commercial and industrial food dehydrators which is ideal for all of your drying requirements. We have years of experience, having production workshops, equipment, and advanced simulation test facilities. Our climate laboratory is one of China’s immense heat pump production. We are an international enterprise targeting the world market and maintaining high value in the overseas market, persistently exporting innovative products to the United States, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, and other developed countries and getting honor for consistent reorganization many years until now.