Conveyor Belt Dryer Machines


Kinkai Tech manufactures the best conveyor belt dryer machine for drying and cooling different products in bulk. The automatic sludge dryer uses four-effect dehumidification patented technology, a modular structure sanitary with stainless steel contact parts that are easy to clean. It is a continuous working machine featuring fast drying speed, powerful evaporation strength, a large processing capacity, modular assembly, and PLC+touch intelligent control.

Our conveyor belt dryer machine is ideal for municipal sludge or industrial sludge such as electroplating, chemical sludge, pharmaceutical, and food sludge. It works in an efficient manner in all sectors and has proven itself as a long-term development solution.


Our belt conveyor drying system is a combination of heat and air. It uses for various products that need rapid production and turnover time. The material distributes by the feeding device onto a conveyor belt, then passes through a channel containing many drying units. The hot air passes through the material layer on the belt and dries the material uniformly from top to bottom. Every drying unit has an air heating circulating system, as well as many dehumidification systems. It is primarily suitable for materials that have a lot of moisture but cannot handle high temperatures.


Our drying machines are more efficient than standard dryers in the overseas market. In our food dehydrators, we only use high-quality components. It maximizes capacity while taking up the least amount of floor area possible. It provides optimal energy efficiency, a uniform drying effect, continuous work 24/7, and a working life of 15-20 years. Our dryers are the most cost-effective in international markets because they are safe, efficient, and durable.

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