Double High Effective Food Dehumidifier

Kinkai food dehumidifier is made using a combination of innovative knowledge and up-to-date technology. We designed it with advanced controls for commercial and industrial sectors. It removes extra moisture from the air, allowing it to distribute air as needed. It makes sure that the humidity level is perfect for your food. It gives flexible operation, lowering humidity levels, reducing the growth of molds, and damp walls. Dehumidifier food dehydrator systems are efficient and easy to use from farm to fork. It provides perfect climate control while increasing productivity. It maintains product quality and saves energy.

Kinkai double effective food dehumidifier is a professional machine. It speeds up the dehydration process as compared to other dehumidifiers. It contributes to the improvement of health, safety, and cleanliness. Their functionality makes them indispensable in any sector that prepares all types of food and meal products. It will help you with product damage, corrosion, product adhesion, mold, and fungal growth. Our food dehydrators have impressive features that ensure they are functional and practical for all customers. With their powerful system, you can rest assured that they can handle a variety of materials 3x faster without the risk of product failure.

Our drying machines are ideal for drying conventional materials such as big fish, seafood, pet food, jerky, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and agricultural products. It can dry up to 600 kg of material in one batch. It has a smooth PLC control system, and it is easy to install. The drying room and heat pump unit are all in one. The heat pump dryers we are offering are durable while giving you the desired outputs. That is the reason it maintains high value in international markets.

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