Kinkai heat pump dryers are developed by combining traditional knowledge with the latest technology. It simulates the ideal and hygienic drying environment and delivers high-quality drying power regardless of time or season. The air cycle evaporates the water in the food by keeping its nutritional value, and it allows you to preserve the food for extended periods. We equipped our food dryers with innovations that perform well in the commercial and industrial sectors compared to ordinary machines in the market.

Kinkai food dehydrators are professional machines that remove moisture as fast as possible and do not affect the flavor and texture of the food. Our food dyers are the best in the industry as they can dry a quantity of material in one batch. There is no need for a separate drying room because the drying room and heat pump unit is all in one room. The working process of our drying machines is warming up, evaporating, drying, and cooling. It dries many products like wood, fruits, meat, vegetables, herbs, seafood, and other agricultural products under hygienic technology. It is suitable for municipal and industrial sludge such as electroplating, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food sludge.

Our heat pump dryers are used in most developed countries for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Each machine has a high-efficiency drying system, an insulated chamber, balanced airflow, process control components, touch intelligent control, customizable scheduling software, and working life of 15-20 years. It has low fuel consumption, reduced carbon emissions, optimal hygiene, and excellent performance. That is why it maintains high recognition in overseas markets.

Heat pump products are available in a wide range of options. We feature everything from a standard single-blow dryer to an industrial conveyor type dehumidifier of any size. You can select the best product for your company because it is energy-efficient, safe, and eco-friendly.