Product Description

JK15DH-L heat pump dryer machine is suitable for drying conventional materials such as big size fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, herbs, tea, leaves, agricultural products, jerky, pet food, etc.

  • Dry Fast/Save Time
  • Production Safety
  • Energy Saving
  • Eco-Friendly
  • PLC Control System


1. The solar heat pump food dryer can dry up to 1200-1300kg material one batch.

2. Industrial electricity 380v.

3. The drying room and heat pump unit is all-in-one without another drying room.

4. No need installation and debugging, small footprint, it can easily be moved from one place to another place.


Widely used to drying fruit, vegetable, herbs, meat, seafood, etc. Such as litchi, honeysuckle, daylily, beef jerky, mushrooms, blueberry,medlar,jujube,walnut,plum,tea,apricot,raisin,bacon,suasage,small shrimp,rice,etc.So this dryer can be a food dehydrator or fruit dryer.


Case of Mango Drying