Product Description

JK03RD heat pump dryer machine is suitable for drying conventional materials such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, tea, leaves, agricultural products, jerky, pet food, etc.

  • Dry Fast/Save Time
  • Production Safety
  • Energy Saving
  • Eco-Friendly
  • PLC Control System


1.The solar heat pump food dryer can dry up to 300kg material one batch.

2.Household electricity 220v.

3.Drying room and heat pump unit is all-in one without other drying room.

4.No need installation and debugging,small footprint,it can easily moved from one place to another place.


Widely used to drying fruit,vegetable,herbs,meat,seafood,etc.Such as litchi,honeysuckle,daylily,beef jerky,mushrooms,blueberry,medlar,jujube,walnut,plum,tea,apricot,raisin,bacon,suasage,small shrimp,rice,etc.So this dryer can be a food dehydrator or fruit dryer.


Case of Mango Drying