Tremella is also called white fungus, snow fungus or white fungus. It is a edible fungus vegetable cultivated by Tremella and Tremella. Served as colloidal fruiting bodies. According to the ecological type, there are crest type and chrysanthemum type; according to the shape, there are coarse flower varieties and fine flower products.

1. Preheat the drying room to 40-45℃ and send the cleaned and cleaned Tremella to the drying room.

2. The initial temperature is 40℃. After the moisture content of the ear piece drops to about 30%, gradually increase the temperature to 50-60℃, and bake for 6-10 hours. When the ear piece is close to dry (the base of the ear is not dry), Then lower the temperature to 30-40℃ until it is dried (water content is 10% -13%).

3. If the harvest is sunny, it can be dried to dry before baking. The white fungus made from sun and baking has good color and rich aroma. Immediately after processing, sealed and packed in grades, stored in a low temperature, dry and ventilated place. Check at all times to prevent moisture, mildew or moth.